This section is under eternal progress. Anyway, enjoy your stay. 

As you may notice a lot of fics happen to focus on  my 

favourite characters. So no surprise there, noo.






 Coming clean by Jimini Christmas

 There is never an easy way out of the Decepticon ranks

 and into the Autobot faction.


 Small Wonders by Scott Kampa

 Gears tags along on a trip to visit the newest Witwicky. 

 You think he might complain a little?



 Poems and misc scribblings


 Survivor by me


 Out of the dark by me.

 About the first Transmutants.





 The Days like these triology, by me.

 Focusing on Rhinox and told from his perspective.

 Part 1 - On a day like any other  

 Part 2 - Every day is a winding road  

 Part 3 - 


 A matter of trust by Scott E Kampa

 Locked up, Rampage burns some time messing with things around the Maximal base.

 Like Rhinox's head. Set between "Transmutate" and "Agenda".


 Seeking forgiveness by Ashes aka Dierdre.

 What could have happened when and after Rhinox brought back his 

 old friend and leader from the afterlife in order to save the Maximals.


 Paranoia by Darkwatch

 Optimus, Cheetor and Rattrap are all acting strangely, and Rhinox is trapped alone

  in the Axalon with them. With the power out, itís up to Rhinox to figure out whatís 

 wrong and find them before they destroy each other...and him. First in a series.


 Corruption by Darkwatch
 Unbeknownst to the Beast warriors, other entities dwell on the planet. Until now, they 

 have only watched. But when one tries to use her power to help a darkened soul, there 

 are consequences for them bothÖ Second in a series. 


 Sleepwalker by Darkwatch

 A device implanted by Tarantulas turns Cheetor into an unknowing assassin. 

 When the plan is discovered, how much will the young Maximal be willing to 

 sacrifice to protect Optimus and free himself from Tarantulasí control? 

 And will it be worth it?


 Dark Secret by Sapphire

 Never underestimate the power of mind games....


 Hero by Nefertari

 Neffy's first Dinobot fic. Even in death there is time for reflections.


 Poems and misc scribblings

 Background hero by me.

 Not all heroes quote Shakespeare 

 or fall for dark damsels...


 Living for revenge by me.

 Depth Charge's thoughts.


 Rattrap's theme by me.

 Just as the title says. 

 Written for a friend.




 Poems and misc scribblings

 A spark in pain by me.

 Primal's angsty thoughts as they

 could have been.




 None up yet.