Living for revenge

by J.A.S Nilsson

I wasnít always like this.
I used to enjoy life once.
Then...X came.
I was left alive.
The others were...not.

Do you know how it is to survive
when all you wanted was to die
and know no more pain?
My spark will never feel at peace
until Iíve pacified his once and for all.

I must seem so cold in the optics of others.
So obsessed, so unfriendly.
Thatís how they see me.
And do I blame them for thinking that way? No.
Because I know itís true.
I keep my distance that way.

No friends, less pain should a comrade die.
Pain and anger are my constant companions.
And HE knows that all too well.
Iím weary in spark and body, yet I keep going.
And going. Hunting. Obsessing. Hating him.

I had never really hated anyone until he came.
I lived and I loved.
He took that away from me.
Now I only live for revenge.