Fanfics, art and groups:

The Hub - High quality fan media.

NTFA - The Nordic TransFans Association.

Femmes Unite

Axalon Grounds - BW Yahoo Group founded by yours truly.

The Realm - BW and G1 fanfics library!

Sphinx Lair - BW oriented, great fiction and funnies.

Beast Wars Heaven - Sharpshot's page.

BW International - Bw fics, pics and screencaps among other things.

Nightwind's Transfan Asylum - Fanfics, episode reviews, forum, screenshots etc.

Astalis's Abode - Role-play logs, and a few other things. Not just tf. - Nefertari's page. Has Bw and G1 fics and art among other things.

In space no-one can hear Starscream - Wayward's Insecticon Domain.

Stupid Lamborghini Tricks - Grand fics, fun art and a tribute to Sides and Sunny!

Flier Miles - Lex's brilliant corner of the web.

Primacrons page - An oldie but a goodie!

The City Commander's Control Center - An Ultra Magnus page

Torq's Cafe - With tasty fanfics and crispy art on the menu.

Scans and other resources:

Liam's Electronic TV Boogaloo - Scans among other things, Powerpuff girls friendly.

The TF Archive - Cool media, forum and TF news.

The Cybertron Chronicle - Bakke's page, blessed with your goodly media.


Beast Wars - Hasbro's official BW and BM page - Benson Yee's page. Has multimedia, info, toys and whatnot.

TF Forever - Tons of images from all TF shows! 

Seibertron - Scans, screenshots, info, forum, cap contest etc. - Fanzine, info, forum etc.

Cold Hard Slag 

RFC - Radio Free Cybertron!

TF the BW RPG - Beast wars, White Wolf RP game adaptation.

Non-TF links

Babylon 5

Star Trek



Were Sites

Fanfiction net

Muppet Central

Lunamoon Graphics


Lady Shaishana's page

Outpost Daria

For better or for worse


The wings of change


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