Out of the dark

Out of the dark

By J.A.S Nilsson aka Pacerpaw/wolf

Residing in the dark, the one that speaks the animal tounge,
the one that hunts the hunters, the one you don't see until he
wishes you to see him. That one is Preypacer, leader and friend.

Hunter, Tracker, Warrior and protector he may be but the wild that
calls upon him won't be denied, so beware all you darkdwellers with
darkness within, he will hunt you down upon each sin.

Just when you think you're safe He comes out of the dark to seek you, beware.
Horrid is the sight of his fangs, mighty is the force of his jaws and glowing is
the Wolf's fire eye. Light is the pacing paw, running with the night.

Heavy is the two swords on the fanged warrior's back. Strength to use them
he has, courage to act he shows and compassion for the weaker he feels.

The feline one with the healing touch, wielding the two edged axe is close by his side.
The young one who speaks gently and shy, the wild in him will be revealed when the
scent of battle draws him near. Leaping swiftly he pounces the unlucky foes, as true
as his name intones for he is Swiftleaper.

So is he who dwells in the sky, the age-old Icebird Warrior. Worn is his body,
confident his stance, and old ages within him forever lives. Soaring in the sky
above, he strikes at the careless ones in turns. This is the dawning age of
the Halcyon the one bound to fade away in time.

The small Dragon or what he may be, stays around the warriors tree.
The glutton one breathing fire gnaws at this and that, never leaving
the slightest scrap. Nested on the feline's shoulder he's bound to stay, but
with raking claws and red hot flame he will attack every foe just the same.