Name: Preypacer

Allegiance: Autobot

Subgroup: Transmutant

Function: Leader of the Transmutants

Motto: “Never underestimate your instincts!”


Preypacer is a brave and daring Autobot who follows his instincts and wits. Usually good natured but certainly no saint when pushed too far. Considered sly and lively with a modest streak, never hesitating to speak up or fight when it’s called for. The Autobot cause is important to him, but the way he follows it is a tad different from that of Optimus Primes high ideals. If an ally makes him angry he will give that someone a piece of his mind with sharp tounge, glaring coolly at the unfortunate s.o.b rather then lose his temper completely.

Swears a lot to some Autobots chagrin and others amusement, Highbrow considers him to be very unsophisticated and wishes the Transmutant would talk in a more civil manner.

He befriended the Dinobots during a series of events, one when he saved Snarls life and vice versa. They eventually regarded him as one of their equals, respecting him as a warrior and friend. Some Autobots, such as Swoop and Scattershot, good-naturedly teases him for his modesty, and he in turn laughs it off and teases them right back in his own, quite colourful manner.

The Autobot is a fierce fighter in battle with an intimidating battlecry. Some Decepticons even think he's a bersercer, a fact that only increases his intimidation factor. There is a darker, wilder side to Preypacer, certain instincts that clicks in extreme situations, such as Decepticons or other hostile forces on a killing spree. He will turn into a wild fighting machine, not stopping until the enemy or himself is out of commission.


When Preypacer was forcibly mutated, his original beast form was replaced with what later turned out to be a wolf resembling mode. He now had 3 forms: wolf, werewolf and robot, also gaining the ability to morph to some very odd looking but useful in-between modes. In wolf and werewolf mode mode he has razorsharp teeth of titanium, powerful enough to pierce some of the thickest known armor. The Transmutant is fairly agile and has extremely perceptive sensors (Two times as good as Fangrys) in all three forms. This makes him one of the best trackers in the Autobot ranks, capable of tracking people mile after mile with ease or participate in search and rescue operations if needed. He is extremely fast, an ability that has served him well on many occasions, making him even more adept at hounding enemies.

Preypacer is undoubtedly the strongest and fastest Transmutant, a highly skilled warrior who is exceptionally skilled with swords and different kind of blades. As a result of the mutation he also has an ability to communicate with animals and other lifeforms. Armed with two long swords(thermal) acidtipped throwing knifes and a simple plasma blaster, though he prefers to use the blades. Can form twin blades on each arm whether in robot or werewolf mode.


Preypacer's protective instincts can dull his survival instincts considerably wich is highly hazardous for him in certain situations. He is powerful but not by any means indestructable.

Notes of interest

Colours: Brown, Silver-grey-yellow colour scheme. Amber optics.

Height: In robot mode he is about the same size of a gestalt leader. As a werewolf he's a head taller then the tallest Dinobot.

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