Rattrap's Theme

By J.A.S Nilsson

Small in body but great in spirit and wit.
He may whine but deep down you know that he is just fine.
A heart of gold beneath a cynical mold, for his friends daring to be bold.

To his big green friend, who wounds could mend, good thoughts he would send.
Going way back they would protect each other from harm and accusations.
At least that's how I've made my observations.

The chopperface's mind can seem a maze, but it's something Rattrap is willing to face.
Bickering all day long, not seeming to get along. Of this you could write a bluesy song
but that would be wrong, for this is an odd friendship song!

Time flies as Rattrap spies, while Air Razor keeps an eye out in the skies The Tiger
stalks while Rattrap talks. The rat is not a hunter, but gets the tasty food each time.
Well, isn't that just Prime? Looks like he's just in time, for another crazy rhyme!

Optimus Pinhead chose him to lead in his stead. So out in the fray he'd head
fighting for liberty, cheese and bread…oh, you want the truth instead?
Well they went for Primal as I could tell, and in the end all was well