A spark in pain

By J.A.S Nilsson

The goodness of a spark turned dark?
No. Say it isn't so. I believed!
I believed in him. He was my friend.
I knew his spark and it was good.

Yet here I stand facing him.
What happened to the friend I knew?
His intentions are clear. Accept or termination.
He believed in life, he believed in light.
Is this really you old friend, or a pretender?
My spark tells me no. Iím in disbelief!

Please let this be an illusion, yes in my confusion!
Let it be a dream, that things are not what they seem.
Megatron, you must be the one to blame.
Things will never be the same!
You corrupted my friend and now you
want to continue playing God?
Never again. I will stop you even if it takes forever.

I blame you as silent tears flow.
How could you sink so low?
Face me and know this:
you have won this battle but not the war.
If I fall others will continue the fight.

The light and the dark must have balance.
You want hell and call it heaven
you spread dark and call it perfection?
A dark lonesome God you would be.
Alone in the heavenly hell you created.

- - -