By J.A.S Nilsson

The sole survivor of a proud city.
Overwhelmed with grief, he stumbled onward.
Gone. Everyone he ever knew was gone.
In memories alone they would live on.
A moment he wished he had died with them.
Then he would feel no pain.

But he was stronger then he ever knew.
Slowly, he stood up and took one last look around.
His home. His friends. His life as it had been.
Dead silence and ruins were all that remained.
He departed, but in his spark he knew that
no matter how far he traveled, his mind
would always return.

Where he found the strength to carry on he could not say.
Perhaps someday he would realise.
In time he found a place to belong and people to love.
The pain felt less sharp but remained.
He knew he could lose them one day, risking more pain.
But they were his friends and comrades now. His life.