Name: Swiftleaper

Alleigance: Autobot

Sub-group: Transmutant

Function: Field medic, Scout

Motto: "To run free is to truly live!"


Swiftleaper is perhaps the most restless Transmutant. Being one of the youngest, he is the least experienced of the original tree, and has a tendancy to mope when he's left out of the action for longer periods of time. Other than that, he's good-natured, slightly shy and very soft spoken about things. But in battle he is fierce.

The field medics past is known to few and he keeps it that way. He was once a neutral priest apprentice whose mentor was killed by the Decepticons. After that tragic event he joined the Autobot faction. There he became a field medic and scout, only revealing his past to Emirate Xaaron and later his fellow Transmutants.

When the youngest Transmutants Pacerpaw and Cougra appeared on Cybertron, he became something of a big brother for them and very protective. Along with Underground functioning as a mentor to them.


In beast mode, Swiftleaper roughly resembles a cross between Cougar and Jaguar and shares some of their traits. Extremely flexible jounts and a unique strong, yet light structure makes it easy for him to take long leaps. The sharp claws and teeth, alloyed with a unknown formula, is quite enough to to cause considerable damage with. In robot form, he carries a crossbow-resembling weapon (loaded with piercing thermo projectiles)a blaster, and a light two edged vibroaxe.

He has certain mystical qualities, among them the ability to reach a state of trance. In this state he can reach the higher planes of existance and even communicate with those who has a close bond to him mentally. He is also resistant to mind control and mind reading.


Though strong mentally, Swiftleaper is one of the physically weakest Transmutants.

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