Transmutants - The background story


Preypacer, Swiftleaper and the Air Corps veteran Halcyon was originally members of the 

Autobot resistance on Cybertron. Then something happened that changed them forever. 

During a mission they where ambushed and taken captive by the brilliant but mad scientist

 Flame. He used them along with other unfortunate victims as test subjects in a series of 

dangerous experiments.

Preypacer, Halcyon and Swiftleaper were the only survivors, or so they thought at the 

time. The trio had been turned into a kind of Transorganic mutants with traits of 

Earthen beasts. Thus calling themselves Transmutants. 


During the escape they destroyed Flames laboratory, but to their chagrin he got away. 

In the tunnels below Flames former hideout, the perceptive scout Swiftleaper found a 

small creature with the features of a dragon, the presumed result of one of the 

scientist's earliest Transorganic experiments. The two formed an unusual bond 

and the semi intelligent creature was named Greedygut.


Shortly after returning to the Autobot resistance, Preypacer and Halcyon  were sent 

to Earth along with Greedygut on a mission. Swiftleaper had been seriously injured 

during a battle,  and had to remain on Cybertron at the time.

They arrived after the events in the UK story "Dinobot hunt" (issues 47-50). 

After a minor battle with Soundwave, Ravage and Thundercracker, the trio meet up 

with the Autobots on Earth and joined them.

Months later they got to know the Dinobots and realized they had more  in common 

with them  then the other Autobots. The Dinobots eventually befriended the Transmutants 

and the two groups formed an inofficial alliance within the Autobot faction.


Three years later a fifth Transorganic emerged from Cybertrons sub levels, joining the 

Transmutants. Going by the name Underground, this former neutral had spooked any 

Decepticons that dared enter the lowest sublevels, now he had to face them on the 

battlefield, side by side with his new allies.


About fifty years later, two more Transmutants named Pacerpaw and Cougra appeared, 

both femmes created by an unknown Transformer claiming he had been Flames assistent 

and the true mastermind behind the Transorganic science.

The rest is..fanfic!


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