May 2


I've changed the web page title, corrected a minor error

and removed a mini logo from the graphics and art page.


In other news i added a few more things to my DA account.

Yay. Progress! I've also started to outline the basics for a

science fiction novel that i'm going to write.



April 23


I haven't updated much since April 2004, but over a week ago i updated,

removed and added a few links.


Today i just did a few adjustments on the fanfic page and changed the writer

addy in my writings from the usual Jen Pacerpaw to my RL name initials,

J.A.S Nilsson instead.


I've increasingly started to change my old main online ID/handle to Pacerwolf

in a few online communities i'm in. I started with the BW International board

as they got a new board, then created a new ez board account.


I got a DeviantArt account. There i'll put some of my poems and random

web graphic stuff that i make from time to time.